Texas SkyScreamer

SkyScreamer is an amusement park that can be found at many Six Flags parks across North America. Funtime, an Austrian ride manufacturer designed the attraction. It is one of their Star Flyer models. Six Flags has had SkyScreamers installed in ten of its parks since 2011.

SkyScreamer's riders are carried in two-person swing-like seats attached to a rotating, gondola on a central tower. Riders are pulled up in two-person swing-like chairs attached to a rotating gondola mounted on a central tower. They then spin in a wide circle at speeds of 43 miles per hour (69 km/h) with expansive views of surrounding countryside. The ride is designed for thrill-riders and families who want a more family-friendly experience.

SkyScreamer is described by the media as a "classic" or "retro" ride. It is designed to be a compromise between those who enjoy roller coasters and similar thrills, and those who prefer family-friendly rides. The attraction is a popular choice for roller coaster enthusiasts who are eager to try new thrill rides. Frankie Gobel was a roller coaster enthusiast whose father Charlie Gobel wrote a book entitled Flying With Frankie. Three Hundred Days in amusement parks riding roller coasters with my son. He described the ride as not being "your average swing set," commenting that it "is not too intense for mom or too dull for teenagers." It's a great family ride, provided your family has a strong stomach.

Gary Slade, publisher of Amusement Today magazine said that SkyScreamer may not have the same draw power as a new rollercoaster, but it was still the type of park that needed to be installed to keep customers coming back. Slade stated that Six Flags Fiesta Texas' attraction SkyScreamer is "really going to be a big hit for them."

Although the ride experience is identical, the New England SkyScreamer as well as Texas SkyScreamer are different. The ride's gondola holds 12 two-seater chairs, instead of 16. The gondola rises to full height and the chairs spin in a larger circle, 124 feet (38m) but at a slower speed of 35 miles per hour (56 km/h).

Ride Entertainment Group installed all rides. They manage all operations for Funtime in North America.

Six Flags announced the addition of a SkyScreamer installation at Six Flags Darien Lake in 2018 for the 2019 season. The ride, which measures 242 feet tall, was named the tallest in New York.

Although the heights of each SkyScreamer installation may vary from one park to the next, the basic operation of this ride is the same. The rider sits in one of 16 2-seat chairs that are connected to a gondola on a central tower. This lifts and lowers the gondola. To keep the rider in place, a belt is secured around their waist and a lap bar is fastened to their lap bar. The gondola begins to climb to the top of the tower. It spins slowly around the central tower, increasing its speed as it ascends. It rotates around the tower at a speed of 43 miles per hour (69 km/h) and riders spin around the tower in circles measuring 98 feet (30m). After a time, the gondola stays at the top of tower and slowly descends before returning to the top. The gondola drops to the ground, slows down its rotation, and stops rotating at the end of the cycle. Riders can then leave the tower. SkyScreamer can also be set to turn in the opposite direction during its cycling, so that riders travel backwards. This mode has been used by the installations at St. Louis and Discovery Kingdom, Fiesta Texas New England, La Ronde, and New England so far. Each one of these modes was available during special events or promotions.

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